Asking for a raise: An Emotional Rollercoaster 

Yesterday was the third time, since I started working at 16, that I’ve had to ask for a raise. It never gets easier but this time I dealt with the anxiety by live-tweeting my emotions prior to the meeting with my manager. Am I using Twitter correctly yet? 

With asking for a raise comes a lot of anxiety and I didn’t have an outlet, since I’m not telling my coworkers that I’m asking for a raise. So, my outlet was Twitter! 

I started by making my anxiety very clear:  

I couldn’t help but express my frustration with the actual act of asking for a raise: 


 My anxiety started acting up at this point. You know when you’re so nervous that your thoughts begin to run wild?:


Then, I tried to shake the nerves off because I know that a raise is what I deserve:  

 I then realized how annoyed my 77 followers might be getting so I felt the need to explain myself: 

  The anxiety crept back up though:  



I think I may have gone a bit crazy for a moment:  


So my plan was to meet with my manager as soon as he got into the office but he was running late. So obviously, I got impatient:  


Finally, he arrives and I get one last rush of anxiety (thanks body)  


I gave myself one last push: 

  And finally, had one last moment of doubt: 

Well I did it! I spoke with my manager. I made my case, I spoke with confidence and I tried my best to keep it together. He couldn’t give me an answer right away but I did it! 

Anxiety is such an interest feeling. Prior to my meeting with my manager I felt so foreign in my own body. My hands were ice cold and shaking, my stomach felt uneasy, I was nauseous, my leg kept shaking and I couldn’t sit still. As soon as my meeting ended I felt a wave relaxation hit my body and I was immediately calm; I completely went from 60 to 0. 

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Have you ever had to ask for raise before? How did that go? 


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