Introducing juliExplores


Disclaimer: I’m not very good at talking about myself so I’ve asked my friends to write about me for me. ENJOY!


Me llamo Julie. Let me start off by saying I cry way too much. Happy, sad, or excited- there will be tears shed. I have an unhealthy obsession with watching the same friends episodes over and over. I’m artsy fartsy, if it’s cheesy or colorful I probably love it. I have good hair. My mom is one of my besties. Sad things make me happy. It’s an oxymoron. Go with it. I do my own nails with extreme precision. When I’m thirsty I drink ice tea. When I’m not that thirsty I’m still drinking ice tea. I love poetry, writing, reading… Like I said artsy fartsy. I dislike mainstream music for no goddamn reason unless it’s 90s pop/hip hop. I blog… Obviously. I ♥ Jason Mraz even tho he won’t give me the time of day despite me sitting in line for hours for all his concerts. He’s playing hard to get I think. Last but not least I have a beautiful, funny, talented, outgoing friend name Candice who I just can’t live without 😀 but if I did live without, I would be a mediocre person at best.


The true meaning of the word friendship, is really hard to find and explain, and it’s a lot like July’s and my friendship. A true friend will stick by you no matter what the cause, the issue or the subject matter. A lot of the time, it is because of me that we are yelling, or at least She is yelling and I am laughing. I like to get under her skin and make fun of the situations she finds herself in ( or “Stories” as I call them). If these “Stories” were told by anyone else, you would probably be in tears of pain for this person, but July delivers with such dead pan humor that you cannot help but laugh. She brings me such joy every morning as we talk on the phone, both driving to our jobs and discuss the things in our life that are going on, me calling her various bad mexican words and talking like I’m a 90’s wanna be rapper,her yelling at me to stop and recounting the last couple of days stories that have gone on. But we manage to really talk about life in between the yelling and cussing, and I think that’s how we just get along. I can’t explain our friendship, I just know that my life would not be the same without her, my wife loves having her being the one to deal with my craziness and my kids need to have their TiTi (auntie) July in there lives.
This may not have been the nicest message about July, but all I know is, she has made everyone in my house’s life a lot better since she has been in it.

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