PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!

Hello you beautiful, engaging followers of mine.

So, I’m currently attempting to migrate my site to godaddy and set it up as just Unfortunately I cannot (for the life of me) figure out how to set it up and it looks like I may have to start from scratch! It seems to be easier to set up a brand new site then to migrate. I’m just sad that some of you won’t follow along for the ride. So this is me giving you ample warning that this blog may seize to exist and may be my new home. It breaks my little heart that I will have to loose all of this content that I’ve created but alas, such is life. I will not dwell on this for too long, I am trying to start a business and considering I am not too good at this tech stuff, I will have to accept what is.

So here’s hoping you hop on over to when it becomes a thing.

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