Music Monday: Cheers to the Fall

You’re about to thank me for this week’s Music Monday. 


I said this a couple of weeks ago on another Music Monday but, Andra Day is not a name you’re going to want to forget. If her vocals aren’t enough to capture your attention (you must be deaf but) her lyrics will definitely pull at your heart strings. 

Her debut album carries a song for every occasion so turn it up, sit back and travel back in time. Her music fits right into a time when Billie Holliday was singing her heart out, but thankfully we are lucky enough to experience Andra Day’s soulful music now.

I immediately fell in love with Andra Day  when one of her songs stumbled into one of the Spotify playlists that I listen to. She’s getting plenty of comparisons to Adele, Amy Whinehouse and even Billie Holliday; but Andra Day’s music is strong enough to stand all on its own. When I first discovered her music, she only had four songs on Spotify. Her voice was captivating though  and I craved for more music from her. It felt like the longest wait, but finally Andra Day has delivered new music and it was absolutely worth the wait. 


No matter what your relationship status is, Cheers to the Fall has a song for you. You can either currently relate or a song will bring back a memory that you thought you had forgotten. My favorite part about the album is that you can hear Andra Day’s emotion with every breath she takes. You believe every word she says and that’s the beauty about music; it helps you connect with strangers if only for just a couple of minutes. 

During “Red Flags” she sings about regretting a relationship and you’d be lying if you said you couldn’t relate, “I should’ve known that I’d loose everything. I should’ve known that red flags were warning me”. I’ll be honest with you, I had completely given up on R&B music. I chose to stay with old school Jagged Edge, Ginuwine, Toni Braxton etc. but I will admit that there is hope. Andra Day is the voice that we needed in R&B and she confirms that in “Goodbye Goodnight”. A true heartbreak song that I will undoubtedly be crying to, in no time. It wouldn’t be a proper review without mentioning the motivating and encouraging, “Rise Up”. This song is perfect for any and all occasion, you may be going through a break up, you may be getting ready to ask for a raise, maybe you just need 15 more minutes on the treadmill this song’s lyrics is sure to give you the extra push that you need. 

She closes the album with the title-track, “Cheers to the Fall”. The song that celebrates the mistakes and forces you to try harder. “I can’t pretend to be perfect/ or fit into some made up roll/ but I can make the hand I’m dealt work if/ I decide to never fold”. The album is the best thing that has come out of Summer 2015. Andra Day is the best thing to happen to music, since Allen Stone debuted his music. Do yourself a favor and go get the album! You can thank me later! As a matter of fact, come back and tell me what you think. 



4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Cheers to the Fall

  1. Jesenya says:

    Looked up Andra Day right after I read your review! She is amazing, her song Goodbye goonight is the one that stood up the most. Thanx for the recommendation.

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