Dear Fat People, 

Yesterday I woke up and found that the twitter-verse had imploded. A youtuber had posted a video titled “Dear Fat People” and the reaction to the video wasn’t all positive.


I am a fat person so I got on YouTube and I watched the video (before I read too much about it on Twitter). I wondered what was so important that she felt the need to address us all collectively. While watching the video I became immediately upset. Off the bat, I understood what she was trying to do; she wanted to come off as a comedian who pushes the boundaries. She mentioned a couple of times how she was giving fat people “tough love” and that she only said these things because she cared. You see, the “tough love” aspect of the video was lost immediately, being that she opened with mocking fat people, “what are you going to do fat people? You going to chase after me”.

She goes on to explain that fat-shaming isn’t an actual thing it’s just a thing that fat people invented. She proceeds to mock the body positive hashtag, which is what pissed (for lack of a better word) me off the most. If you knew anything about the actual movement behind the hashtag, you would understand that the point is for ALL body types to express themselves. No matter how big, or small; no matter their oddly shaped noses, the fact that one toe is bigger than the other, or that one boob is noticeably bigger than the other (the right one for me). The movement is meant to bring EVERYONE together no matter their insecurities.

In the video, this person also goes on to mock actual fat people that she’s encountered, “and they complain and they smell like sausages and I don’t even think they eat sausages. That’s just their aroma.” Yup “tough love” at its finest. In recent years, I have come to truly love comedy and I admire a comedian that can push the boundaries. A comedian that can say what everyone is afraid to say, without actually offending a large group of people. This wasn’t comedy though, no part of it was entertaining, I didn’t let out a chuckle. You cannot make an offensive video and call it comedy when the video isn’t actually funny.

The “Dear Fat People” video wasn’t motivating, it was offensive and triggering. Also, you cannot tell people when they can or cannot get offended. If I watch one of your videos and genuinely feel offended, that is my right. Now, that’s not to say I condone the fact that people are feeling offended and attacking this person. No. You don’t get to feel hurt and then proceed to hurt back. You feel the hurt, you work through it and you try to be a better person.

So, I am fat person. A fat person that is actively working on being healthier, who is starting to work out and trying to be better. I can honestly say; the video did nothing to motivate me. Now, don’t take my word for it, I actually encourage you to go search and watch the video (even though I wish this girl wouldn’t get any more views). I would love to hear your honest thoughts about the matter. Feel free to disagree with me, I will listen with an open heart.

Go watch and come back here and tell me what you think, lets start an honest, sincere, civil conversation. xoxo

3 thoughts on “Dear Fat People, 

  1. Nalia Rose ♍ says:

    wow that is crazy! I love how you expressed yourself with what was said. I agree 100% with what you have said and I havent seen that video and i wouldn’t want to smh!
    awesome blog post!! when you get a chance if you can check out my latest youtube video that would be awesome and any feedback is welcomed!!

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